underneath the surface

posted on 22 Dec 2009 00:13 by sugarylife

: ) :
you don't know how hurt it was back then, 
and with my fooled fooled heart, i wish you will never.
the wall of trust i was keep building it
and once again... it gets destroyed
the wish to be loved hearthworthy seems so far away
and so did you.
the gap between you and i which i can never once completed it
you said it wasn't entirely my fault but i know you blamed it on me 
thank you.
for let me know
that what was in my head was so true.
I've made my decision
and please don't question me about it 
I'll be... whatever you wanted me to be.
I'll smile... whenever you wanted me to smile.
I'll fake a stupid laugh... whenever you wanted somebody to laugh with
i sacrifice myself to you.....
because deep down inside i know
i know with the whole of my heart
 this pain won't last so long
and soon i'll be gone
i'll be gone




forever and never
surprised smile

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